Everyone has that friend who watches way too much television.  That guy for our group of friends is named none other than Taylor Johnson.  This dude is legendary when it comes to watching an insane amount of tv.  He spends at least eight solid hours a day watching the boob tube.  Think about this for a minute.   To put this into perspective, the average person watches less than an hour a day.  Taylor watches eight times as much television than your ordinary person.  How is it possible to watch so much tv?  You think to yourself that there can’t possibly be that much to watch.  However, Taylor finds a way.  He watches soap operas, sitcoms, comedies, dramas, movies, and the list just goes on and on.  He even has a patented plop down move that he uses every time he “sits” in his designated tv chair.  If anyone else were to attempt to sit in his chair, they wouldn’t be comfortable.  Taylor has sat for so long in the same position that the cushions have conformed to only his unique body shape.  A perfect mold for a professional tv watcher.